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Tax Advice
and Management

We are committed to providing you with superior quality services at affordable prices. Combining our preparation software and in-depth knowledge of the tax codes.

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Tax Preparation

Effective tax preparation and planning can help you to minimize your future tax liability. We can help you proactively manage both your personal and your business tax issues, including understanding how upcoming business opportunities impact your tax status and vice versa. Not all tax planning opportunities are readily apparent.

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Accounting Services


We will create you a company profile and monitor the services until such times when you choose to have your own fully functional accounting team in house. The process will be done accurately and timely before your first major project. The steps involved in setting up your company on QuickBooks are shown below:

  • - Accounts Payables
  • - Accounts Receivables
  • - Balances Sheets
  • - Banks and Credit Cards
  • - Accounts Payables
  • - Payroll
  • - Reports
  • - Charts of Accounts, etc.


Most small business owner(s) under-estimate the accounting aspect of their business which can in fact be leads a company to it down fall. By having a solid financial record with timely and accurate reports allows the owner(s) to make sound judgement about present and future projects. Hence – my goal is to allow you to keep better tracks of your grants, making informed business decisions, and attaining the profitability on a month-to-month basis.

We provide efficient bookkeeping services such as:

  • - Organizing all statements and tax documentations
  • - Generating invoices and paying bills
  • - Processing all payables and receivables
  • - Recording checks and deposits
  • - Reconciling credit cards and bank accounts, etc.


It will be my honor to provide and analyze your balance sheet, profit & loss, and statement of cash flow – using this and other financial information as a tool to that will assist you in making better decisions and point out areas of the business that need closer attention.


Here is a fun fact to think about – A major reason why well over 70 percent of small business fail in the first 2-to-5 years is improper budgeting or un-realistic budgeting. I can assist you in coming up with a more realistic budgeting so you can prevent major cash shortages or worse – cash disasters.

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